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Communicate with Customer

You can now communicate with the customer by phone or text message through the new Lula pros app. Your number and the customer's number are both masked to ensure privacy for both parties. This will be beneficial in scenarios that require you to reach out to customers regarding updates, quotes, and questions. For complex jobs,  we suggest reaching out to the customer prior to the scheduled arrival date and time.

Hourly Options

We’ve rolled out hourly service options for Handyman, Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC, and Lawn Care. This will allow us to accept more work requested from our customers that we previously couldn’t price upfront. There is a 1.5 hour minimum for all hourly service options. Even if the job takes less than 1.5 hours, you will be paid the full minimum fee amount. After the 1.5 hours, you will be paid hourly for actual time spent on the job to the minute. In the app, when you start the time it will keep track of your actual time spent on the job. When you stop the time in the app, it will stop billing. If you forget to start or stop the timer don’t worry because we give you a final chance to adjust billing time prior to closing out the job. 

Rescheduling Job by Customer

In the event that a customer needs to reschedule a job, the Lula provider that originally claimed the job will have the first chance to accept the job. The original provider will have 15 minutes to decide if they want the newly rescheduled job before any other Lula provider will see the request.

Multiple Dates Option for Customer

The customer can now choose up to three available dates and times that work. You will now select the date that works best for your schedule and select a four-hour estimated arrival window. This increases the customer's flexibility for job requests, allowing providers to claim more jobs. It would also allow providers to stack jobs for certain days.

New Services Added

Lula is excited to announce we have added Electrical and Plumbing as a service. If you perform either of these services or know a great provider who does, let us know! We do have a great referral program and are always looking for quality licensed and insured professionals. 

Cancellation Fees

If you cancel a same-day job, you will now receive a $25 cancellation fee. We take the fee out of your next job payout. Customers will also be held accountable if they cancel jobs within a certain window. We are trying to take the hassle out of home maintenance and canceling on someone hours before the job isn’t acceptable.


Rescheduling Jobs by Provider

Providers will have the ability to reschedule jobs through the app for weather-related and other specific events. We will be rolling this out in the coming weeks.

Recurring Services

Customers will have the option of selecting recurring service for some service verticals such as lawn care and home cleaning. 

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