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When you ask, we listen.

We’ve read every single suggestion that our customers and providers have sent us. After months of development, we are finally releasing our new app with many of the new features you wanted.


New Services Available

Electrical and Plumbing services are now available. We are now one step closer to providing whole home maintenance for our wonderful growing customer base.

Hourly Fee Based Service is now Available

Hourly service now available for Electrical, Plumbing, Handyman, HVAC, and Lawn Care. Do you have a long list of miscellaneous repairs needed around the house? No problem, just hire one of our fully-vetted and insured handyman pros to knock that list out! Need some miscellaneous lawn care tasks completed? We've got you covered.

Better Scheduling Flexibility

Are you flexible on dates to have your pro perform your job request? Now you can choose up to 3 available dates to have your job completed. This allows greater flexibility for our Pros and increases the likelihood that your job will be claimed during time periods when our Pros are in high demand.

Communicate Directly with Pro

Securely talk to your assigned Pro via phone call or text message. We mask your actual phone numbers so the Lula Pro won’t see your actual phone number. 

Job Rescheduling

You can now reschedule your jobs if something comes up. However, please note that we’ve implemented an automated cancellation fee of $25 if you cancel a same-day job. There is no cancellation fee if you cancel 24 hours prior to the scheduled job. Our Lula pros are held accountable for missed appointments or providing less than perfect service. In return, we need to be fair to their scheduling and opportunity to make money. 

Access Information

You can now provide access information for scenarios where you can’t be home. Want your home cleaned while you are at work? No problem. Only your Lula approved Pro that claims your job can see this information.

More Home Cleaning Options

Post renovation cleanings available, more clarity around cleaning add-ons, and more flexible pricing implemented.

New Design for a Better User Experience

Along with all of these changes, you’ll notice our new design which should provide an amazing user experience. Just when you thought ordering home services couldn’t get any easier, we made it easier.


Instant Quotes

Do you have a big job that requires an experienced Pro that you know has the proper skills, professional licensing, and active commercial insurance? Get ready for this game-changing quoting feature to be released next month. You can get a Lula Pro on-site as fast as the same-day to provide you a competitive quote.

Recurring Services

Recurring services are just around the corner. Want to put your lawn care or house cleaning on auto-pilot every week or month? No problem, we are going to get this delivered for you real soon.

In-App Chat with Your Pro

Want to securely and quickly chat with your assigned Pro directly in the Lula app? This is coming next month as well!

When you’re ready to try out the new features, download the update and use promo code: LOVELULA for 10% off. Promo code expires June 30, 2019.

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